It is a Worship College!

Do you want to worship Jesus but don’t know how to start?
Do you want to become a prophetic, vibrant and anointed worshipper?
Do you want to encounter Jesus and grow spiritually?
Do you want to know Jesus and His kingdom more?
Do you want to build a lifestyle as a follower of Jesus?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, Brisbane House of Prayer College can be a place where your journey begins. Make an inquiry about enrolment!

The Brisbane House of Prayer College provides programs of study and training that help students

  • to develop an intimate relationship with God;
  • to learn a practical worship & prayer ministry;
  • to be equipped with spiritual gifts of God;
  • to have a deep experiential and theological knowledge of God rooted in a thorough understanding of the Word of God; and
  • to develop a leadership to serve Jesus Christ in areas they are called.
The College undertakes various activities that guide students to develop lifestyle of discipleship as described in the Bible.
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